The Company

Be Discovered LLC is a progressive and innovative company that offers unique entertainment industry services for performers and industry decision makers worldwide.

Be Discovered LLC

Established in 2001 by industry pioneer Diana (pronounced Deana) Uribe, Be Discovered came to life at a time when no other company was offering anything like it. Be Discovered set the precedent by being the first to do what it does and has opened doors for so many talent along the way. This is one of the reasons for the companies longevity and success in such a competitive field, even today. A company built on hard work, integrity and trust that provides honest insight into the tough and very real side of showbiz.

Diana had already been an industry expert for 10 years in Toronto a.k.a "Hollywood North" when she created this new platform for new faces and performers to get into the industry. At the time it was only Canadians benefiting from its services, but soon the world caught on. Now Be Discovered is international, working with performers in 5 continents and 11 countries. Click here to read more on Diana's incredible life.

Be Discovered has booked thousands of union and non performers from babies to seniors and everything in between, for work on stage, TV, film, videos, commercials, runway and/or print ads. For real people, dancers, actors, models, singers, musicians, DJ's, bands, circus and specialty acts, Be Discovered is the go-to booking and promotional agency to be a part of. Be Discovered is very organized and professional, two of the words many use when describing the company. Responsible, inclusive and non discriminatory, Be Discovered also has experience working with performers in wheel chairs, without limbs, with heart conditions, life threatening allergies, anxiety issues and diabetes.

Be Discovered sets standards by sharing more than just entertainment industry services with today’s youth, their support systems and educators. We believe that it is our responsibility to also help educate in the areas of fitness, nutrition, wellness, self esteem and confidence building. Overall empowerment to lead to a fun and healthy life while making all your dreams come true, in and out of the industry. We are members and advocates of Y.P.A.D, Youth Protection Advocates in Dance.